Lola Pining

posted Mar 18, 2013, 8:50 AM by Dawn for Asia   [ updated Mar 18, 2013, 8:50 AM ]

Testimony of Lola Pining Ramos (above centre)

I have many family members who died from TB. Already 25 years ago my son and grand children were having TB. We think that this TB sickness is inherited, because it goes from Grandparents to children and then also grandchildren get it.

Then we got a house visit from Lourdes, a Community Health Worker from Bukangliwayway (TB DOTS program). She explained that this illness is not inherited, but that it is infectious, better still that it can be cured.

So Lourdes took me to the local health center from the government. I did not really want to go there because in the past we were always scolded and we got scared to go there. But because Lourdes said that she would go along and also the nurse in BL, I found courage to go there.

I was very sick at that time and even walking to the health center was too much for me, especially to do the follow-up. But I had to go only one time myself to see the doctor there. All the other things I had to do were taken care of by Lourdes and the BL nurses. So was very happy that they helped me.

They collected my sputum and that it showed that I had the disease.

I was started on the TB medicines soon after that.  Early in the morning, so daily, Lourdes (my treatment Partner) gave me the medicines and made sure that I drank my medicines in front of her. Really I had a hard time taking the medicines, but because of her dedication and eagerness for me to graduate, I swallowed all the medicines.  If you have to take it for 6 months that you really get tired of taking it, because I also feel pain in my stomach, because I could not eat anything before taking the medicines. Lourdes really took care of me. She even brought me something to eat after the one hour waiting after taking the medicines. I really have a deep and good relationship now with Lourdes.

But thanks to Lourdes and the program of BL I was able to graduate the course. They even had a celebration for me.

I was so surprised! On that day I benefited of the project, but instead of me giving a big thank you, they thanked and rewarded me!

Now I am healthy and strong again. I even took my job again as laundry woman, even though I should be retired by now.