First Patient with MDR-TB

posted Aug 14, 2014, 5:45 PM by Dawn for Asia   [ updated Aug 14, 2014, 6:02 PM ]
The patient is a thirty five year old single TB patient and was our first patient detected to have MDR-TB. He was cooperative and very faithful in taking his medicines every day. He was a man with tattoos, known to be an alcohol drinker, war freak and drug user but when He was enrolled in the TB program, he stopped all his vices. He became our friend and also a friend of the nurses in Cainta. He was always there to offer help when we had outreaches or things to repair. He was a good brother; he looked after his 38 year old brother with psychological disorder. He was very industrious. Although BL supported him, he still walked around the city to repair umbrellas after his treatment-that´s what He did for a living.  

I won't forget one time when he saw me walking still a distance away-my umbrella was not that broken but there was something wrong with it. He said and asked me why I did not tell him. Then he took it and fixed it right away for me without charge. He always greeted you the way and made people around him smile or laugh. He was able to attend Bible study twice, and kept the Bible verses he received weekly in his purse together with the money for his transportation to Cainta.  I was able to pray with him. After a family problem struck him, he was able to share his problem and even cried in front of us.  He was very honest and confessed that he had not been going for all the treatments; also that he started drinking again.  We talked with him and prayed for him. The next day, wondering how He was doing after we had talked, news from his CHV and relatives came: He had been killed in the night. It was a heart breaking moment for me hearing this. 
TB patients are not only struggling on how to take 9-13 tablets of big sized TB medicines everyday, they also struggle financially. This is especially true for those with children to take care of. It takes them half a day just to go and finish their medicines for a day, they daily struggle with the side effects of the medicines (dizziness, nausea, vomiting, elevated uric acid, painful joints, insomnia..etc), and most of all they struggle with the different family problems they are facing. There are many not being able to go for the daily treatment – some of the reasons why they stopped their treatment I have written already. All of them are willing to be healed and all of them are willing to be prayed for.  I encourage you, friends and readers, to pray for them. Let´s fan the flame of hope in their hearts.

Pray for physical and spiritual healing for them. They need your help. Your prayer is already a big help.

by Apple Giron, BL Health Nurse