Angelica Finds Freedom

posted Aug 15, 2014, 3:22 AM by Dawn for Asia   [ updated Aug 15, 2014, 3:26 AM ]
Angelica Ann Joy Bonifacio
, 18 years old and has been in the scholarship program for 7 years. The family is now Christian aside from her dad.  For years her mom is serving the Lord as one of the leaders in Cogeo, very hardworking and now helping in the Tuberculosis aide program of Bukang Liwayway called TB-Dots in participation with the Local Baranggay and City Mayor. 

The very talented, healthy and free Angge (Angelica). It is a joy to see her this Sunday, during the Celebration of the 12 years anniversary of Cogeo House Churches, leading us in worship through singing. Who knows what she had been through from the past? Well, it has been 2 years now when she was freed from the oppression of the spirits. It has been for many years that the spirits are showing their forms and scaring her, that she can’t focus in prayer or any ministry in the church. Through prayers of the leaders, the spirits are now gone. 

Praise the Lord that we have freedom in Christ as we draw nearer Him and entrusting to Him of our all. She once was led by the spirits and now being led by the Great Spirit, the Spirit of God. And on Sunday she led us to sing praises to her deliverer, our deliverer - Jesus.

1. It would be great to remember her in our prayers, For God’s provision for her family, for her father who is not yet a believer and for God’s protection for her family. 
2. Let us continue to uphold in our prayers the Scholarship program and the House Church Ministry where youth came to and grow in their faith and obedience to the Lord. 
3. Pray for God’s provision to CMM Coordinator who serve as the Pastors and Trainers in the communities, as our workers support is in need of funds greatly.
4. Pray for the Leadership of Cogeo House Churches for Unity in reaching other communities for the Gospel towards Community transformation.

Thank you very much and have a fruitful Week ahead.