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Livelihood Program

A phonetic play on words, “Yunik Krafts” was the first major livelihood program of Bukang Liwayway to indicate the beautifully unique crafts lovingly made by the gifted hands of the urban poor. In 1998, a strategic contact from another urban poor church movement began to teach cross-stitch skills to our community members. Yunik Krafts was started to organize the export of quality cross-stitched book marks, greeting cards and wall hanging pictures as an income generating project to help urban poor youth in school. The products market now is in Germany, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States and Japan. It now also includes soap products which are sold on the local market.


Yunik Krafts attempts to respond to the economic situation of the urban poor areas of Bukang Liwayway by facilitating the establishment of small cottage industries among the poorest members of the community who are not able to enter the macroenterprise system on their own. Aside from giving a small source of income to the workers of the community, Yunik’s income also heavily supports the educational assistance program of Bukang Liwayway. We also operate in genuine partnership with our communities to advance economic and social development, as well as and personal empowerment. Simply put, we don’t want to give the local community fish; we want to help our communities think for themselves how to learn better ways to fish.

Please Pray for our Livelihood Center

posted Oct 24, 2014, 8:59 AM by Dawn for Asia   [ updated Oct 24, 2014, 9:10 AM ]


December is approaching fast! For many of us this is the time to celebrate Jesus’ birth, the coming of the Saviour. For Bukang Liwayway, this is also the time to celebrate God’s faithfulness to His work among the Poor. Although we have so many things to be thankful for, it is a time of relocation for Welfareville Livelihood Centre. Ten  years ago, we built the house of a family in Block 34 and have used the second floor as our livelihood centre, among other things. 

Our contract will end December 31 and the family decided to use the second floor for their growing family. Where will be the next centre? That was our question while we were hunting this past year. Our Board suggested to offer a renovation to a family in Block 35. The house was been used to advance the kingdom of evil for many years; a place used for spirit and faith healing until one member of the family came to the Lord and God started to work in that household. Now the mother just came to faith and two siblings came to faith too while other siblings and grand children were attracted to faith and joining our house churches. Could this be the next location for the livelihood centre, a room for missionaries and a youth training centre? Could the former house that became an instrument to advance the kingdom of evil be now transformed to advance the Kingdom of God in Welfareville and other nearby barangays? Or will God show us another place? 

Please pray:
1. For the Board to decide if the house in Block 35 is good for the need of a centre or do we have to look for another.
2. For God’s provision as we have no funds to do the renovation and we’re just trusting Him that if it is His will, then He will provide. 
3. For God’s direction and blessing for the livelihood Ministry as it is a big help to support some scholars who still have no sponsors.
4. For God’s perfect timing, as we have to evacuate block 34 by December 31 and still have no place to move our sewing machines, livelihood products, beddings, etc.
5. Thank you for praying with, let us know how we can pray for you too.

Serving with you among the poor of Bukang Liwayway.
Fred Dungganon

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