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In the slums of Metro Manila the disintegrated family is common and the irresponsibility of parents, especially fathers, is widespread. In an atmosphere of little hope for work that will sustain a family, parents become apathetic, and lose any vision of a hopeful future for their family. In an attempt to ` change their luck parents often turn to gambling and in an attempt to escape the dismal reality of their lives sometimes they turn to substance abuse (shabu, alcohol, etc). Often there is abuse and oppression of family members. Some of their children may escape to the streets or end up in prostitution and illegal activities.

    Bukang Liwayway attempts to work with the whole family to encourage economic, emotional, social, cognitive, and physical welfareville shackshackdevelopment and Spiritual among family members. The family members most at risk are those in their teenage years. Sometimes the urban poor youth is used by parents to bring in family income as they are more agile than a parent. Consequently their academic progress is stifled and they are never able to reach their full potential. Children who have parents who lack social skills, or who are rejected by parents, acquire inadequate social skill themselves. Low self esteem and lack of opportunity to develop decision-making skills contributes to the danger of being manipulated, used or abused by others.

    Some of these youth may already be abused or oppressed or maybe suffering in some way and may be in need of emotional support or counseling. Some may be looking for some kind of escape either by using drugs, experimenting with sex or they may even intend to run away to the city streets. Some may have already been rejected by parents and are living on the fringe of the settlement or have begun to experiment with living on the street.

In Welfareville, Bukang Liwayway reached almost 8 blocks and aiming to reach the 42 blocks.visit to welfareville

This wholistic community development project includes the following programs, presently running in Blocks 34, 35, 37 and 38 and extending to other nearby blocks.:

• Youth Program (Youth Scholarship including academic tutorials and seminars)
• Bukang Liwayway Child Development Program (Pre Schools)
• Bukang Liwayway Health Program
• Bukang Liwayway Livelihood Program (YUNIK Kraft's & Co-operatives)