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During early 70’s, there were only small number of families living in this Barangay called Lambakin.  As the year goes by, people from the province of Bicol, Samar, and Pampanga were kept on coming to this place in search of good fortune in life for their families. During 80’s, some businesses like garments, warehouses, rattan industries and soap industries were been erected here by the group of business men from the region of Manila. This sort of businesses caused the people of Lambakin to live permanently in this area for there are jobs that they could work with in order for their families to live.  Thus, during this time, Lambakin had already a total of 4,000 registered families. In 2006, these registered numbers of families became three (3) times larger with a total of 12,000 families registered. 

Like other urban poor communities, people living in Lambakin are mostly did not have regular job. Because of this, many are found sited playing cards with money, drinking beer and other sort of alcohol substances, standing in every corner of the street, and chatting with their neighbours.

80% of the total population living in Lambakin are Roman Catholic. The 10% of the population are in the group of people believing to the teaching of Iglesia ni Cristo. The rest of the population are connected to other religious group such as Christian.

A Big Transition:
In 2007, The National Government lead by the vice President Noli De Castro launched a housing project for the poor. This project primarily benefited all the shanties along the rail track, Run by the Philippine National Railways, a railway system that runs from Manila to Bicol. This is an effect of the road widening of the project of the PNR to avoid more accidents along the rail tracks and to offer more safe and convenient train travel to its commuters.
Gradual demolition was conducted by the PNR and more than 1,700 families from Balik-balik, Blumintrit and Sta. Mesa Manila and Valenzuela move to Northville 4-A, the relocation area here in Marilao Bulacan. Together with this, there are other thousands of families also relocated to North of Bulacan, Trece Cavite and San Pedro Laguna. After a year of challenging resettling because of lack of job opportunities, a devastating typhoon Ondoy swiped the community and leave floods, garbage, small businesses to bankruptcy, diseases and small number of casualties; That later add to the hardship the  community is struggling of. Now the real settling is just happening.

The Ministry of Bukang Liwayway in Northville 4-A, Marilao Bulacan:
The holistic Ministry of BL started soon after the transfer of the relocants. We been able to start gathering small groups to share the word of God among parents, youth and children. After the typhoon Ondoy, we organized various relief operations through the help of local and foreign funding and donation. Presently our ongoing ministries in Northville 4-A are the following:
- Pedikabuhay livelihood program for men
- Values Education program for the youth
- Health Seminar and Medical missions.
- (Soon to finish) Multipurpose Center for Livelihood, preschool, youth and library centre, basketball court and for big gathering facility.
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