Dawn for the Poor - August 2015

BL Youth Newsletter

Praise God for almost 50 new urban poor kids and families in different BL communities who became beneficiaries of our Sponsorship Program this year. One in particular is named Ton-Ton, a 1st year high school student, who belongs to a poor family in Marilao. He is 2nd among 4 children and they are all being taken care of by their grandmother who will turn 80 this year. They were abandoned by their mother 5 years ago... Read More 

Paolo Figueroa Joins the BL Team

I am Juan Paolo Figueroa, a servant of the Most High God and a lover of Him, Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Cor.12:10 is my life verse and it has been taught to me by the Holy Spirit in the hard days of my life. It was the time when my Dad lost his job and we had experienced poverty. I was already a Christian then but I was not really serious in my faith until those days of hardship that I had experienced God more deeply and more intimately... Read More 


ent Alumni Stories - Part 8

Life is never easy and I am forever grateful that I have Christ in me.My name is Lady Ann Lacson. I graduated from the Divine Word College of Calapan with the degree, Bachelor of Secondary Education—English Major. It was all through God’s provision that I was able to finish college years. I am privileged to have scholarships and I have always been thankful to God for giving Bukang Liwayway to support us holistically now and then... Read More