Neneth Mapalo

Neneth Mapalo 
Location: Marilao, Bulacan 
Ministry: Preschool Teacher

Naneth used to live for many years in Balic-Balic along the railway tracks until it was demolished in 1980. She has moved to the relocation site in Marilao where she fisrt started serving as Coordinator for Church Multiplication while starting bible studies and House churches there as well as establishing a children and youth ministry. She is now a preschool teacher in the BL Marilao Centre.

Naneth lives with her husband and her 2 brothers are also married and her sister is a single mother. Naneth accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour in 1992. About her ministry in Dawn for the Poor she says, “This ministry is important because it helps us reach the people to share the gospel. I am in BL because I want to be part of their ministry to reach their vision among urban poor."

Nenith - April 2017

posted May 9, 2017, 9:03 PM by Bukang Liwayway   [ updated May 9, 2017, 9:04 PM ]

Because of poverty and sickness some people lose their hope. There was a family receive a house from relocation site. They live a happy life until one of her daughter got sick. They went to the hospital for so many months until their savings is gone. The one thing they thought is to sell their house just to continue the maintenance medicine of Mercy but the situation of Mercy...Continue to read Neneth's latest prayer letter.

Nenita - Mar. 2017

posted Apr 2, 2017, 1:07 PM by Bukang Liwayway

Dear Prayer Partners... All of us are good to one another and not fighting, right teacher? I've always heard that word from one of my students Nikko. He is very energetic, playful and sometimes He fights his classmates. Even though he is like that He has a good heart... Continue reading Nenita's Prayer Letter

Naneth - Feb. 2016

posted Feb 15, 2016, 6:54 AM by Dawn for Asia

1. For the weekly Leadership Training held by Ptr. Fred.
2. For the new leader namely Imelda who volunteer to teach in one of the house churches.
3. For daily protection for all the pre-school students.

Prayer Concerns:
1. For her husband; pray that the Lord would continue to open his heart to surrender his life to Jesus and his life will be transformed.
2. For physical and spiritual growth of all the leaders in Marilao.
3. Wisdom and strength for Naneth as she prepares for her pre-school recognition day.

Naneth - Jan. 2016

posted Feb 5, 2016, 9:17 AM by Dawn for Asia   [ updated Feb 5, 2016, 9:18 AM ]

1. For the Christmas Party last December where used as an opportunity to share God’s word to the Pre-School parents.
2. For continuous prayer meeting of Marilao leaders every Tuesday
3. For God’s work in opening a new house for Bible Study of Imelda’s family.
4. For the strength that God provided for her to face every challenge in her family.
5. For the successful ministry planning held last week with Marilao Team.

Prayer Concerns:
1. For continuous commitment and growth in faith of every leaders in Marilao.
2. For strength and firm of her faith in God.
3. For her husband, pray that the Lord continue to open his heart to surrender his life to Jesus and his life will be transform.
4. For protection and safety of kids while in Pre-school. Also that God open more hearts of the parents to also desire to study God’s word.
5. For more houses and families to be open to study and know Jesus in Marilao 4A and 4C.

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