Emie - Jan. 2016

posted Feb 5, 2016, 9:10 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. For God’s grace and strength to serve God for the past 8 years in BL as Youth Overseer. Thank God for another opportunity this year to serve him again in a new role as Mobilizer and Partnership Development Coordinator.
2. For protection and daily provision of her family, especially for her son Alab’s good health.
3. For opportunity to held a training to BL Staff about prayer and fasting last Ministry Consultations.
4. For the lists of Serve Asia Workers from different countries who are willing to come and serve with us in BL this 2016.
5. For the possible opportunity to held a local mission trip in Bicol and Samar.

Prayer Concerns:
1. To grow deeper in my faith and relationship with God through daily commitment of reading and applying God’s word. Also to continue to be a woman of prayer.
2. That many small groups in BL communities will become passionate prayer warriors.
3. For wisdom as she will do most of the communication in email to all the short  and long term trip that will come this year.
4. Wisdom and strength for her and her team as they facilitate the 1st Art Camp in BL in May 4-6,2016. 
5. God’s provision for her financial needs in Laussane Young Leaders Gathering in August at Jakarta,Indonesia, to learn more about global mission and to start to build new networks.