Emie Dungganon

: Emie Dungganon
Ministry: Mission Mobilizer and Partnership Development Coordinator

Emie (Mimi) Dungganon lives with her husband Fred. All of her family is Christian. She came to Jesus during a BL Youth camp and soon became a leader in the youth ministry. Mimi was appointed as BL Youth Overseer and is responsible for the youth 

Mimi says, “Pray for me, that God continues to give strength and wisdom in encouraging the youth in different communities. Pray that God uses me to empower the youth in taking the Lead in transforming their communities. Pray that Fred and my relationship will be a good example and encouragement to other people as we continue to focus in the will of our God and let Him always be the center of our relationship.”

Watch an interview with Mimi http://youtube.com/watch?v=wyOkjpYqLZA

Sponsorship Report - June 2017

posted Jun 26, 2017, 6:04 AM by Bukang Liwayway

Pray for more youth leaders to lead others. Equip leaders to train others. Empowerment among the youth in ministry. Expand the kingdom of God through Sambahay. More trainers and availability to train others. Time management in Ministry, Family and Studies. Wisdom (Juvel) in training the Youth in different areas...Continue to read Emie's latest prayer letter.

Emie - April 2017

posted May 9, 2017, 7:14 PM by Bukang Liwayway

I am grateful that by God’s grace and provision I able to enroll and finished this semester the Counselling Trauma and Abused class. This course was so timely since I myself experienced a trauma by the big fire that happened to our community last November. Through this class it not just helped to process my trauma but also was able to help others by giving them Post Traumatic Stress Debriefing facilitated by my professor and other professional counselors...Continue to read Emie's latest prayer letter.

Emie - Mar. 2017

posted Apr 2, 2017, 12:02 PM by Bukang Liwayway

The Haupt Family... It’s been awhile since BL got a missionary family and it’s such an inspiration to received one again. We thank the Lord for the Haupt Family from Switzerland who served with us in BL Marilao for almost 5 months since October... Continue to read Mimi's latest prayer letter

Emie - Feb. 2016

posted Feb 15, 2016, 6:53 AM by Dawn for Asia

1. Praise be to God for all the worker’s active commitment to pray for one another and for the different BL ministry concerns.
2. For many answered prayers that God is pouring out every day in the lives and situation of His people.
3. For the partial scholarship grant to Mimi by Lausanne Young Leaders gathering to be held in Indonesia on August 3-10.
4. For the opportunity to disciple the young leaders in Pandacan.

Prayer Concerns:
1. To be more passionate in reading and applying God’s word. And to be more sensitive in the leading of the Holy Spirit.
2. God’s provision for Mimi’s financial needs in Laussane Young Leaders Gathering in August at Jakarta, Indonesia, specifically for her air transport and remaining balance for registration fee. Also an open hearts for her to learn more about global mission and to see more opportunities to build new networks. 
3. To God to open more small groups in communities that is active in praying walking and interceding.
4. God’s provision for many new prayer partners that will intentionally commit to pray for each worker each week.
5. Wisdom and timing to gather and disciple the working young adults in the community.

Emie - Jan. 2016

posted Feb 5, 2016, 9:10 AM by Dawn for Asia

1. For God’s grace and strength to serve God for the past 8 years in BL as Youth Overseer. Thank God for another opportunity this year to serve him again in a new role as Mobilizer and Partnership Development Coordinator.
2. For protection and daily provision of her family, especially for her son Alab’s good health.
3. For opportunity to held a training to BL Staff about prayer and fasting last Ministry Consultations.
4. For the lists of Serve Asia Workers from different countries who are willing to come and serve with us in BL this 2016.
5. For the possible opportunity to held a local mission trip in Bicol and Samar.

Prayer Concerns:
1. To grow deeper in my faith and relationship with God through daily commitment of reading and applying God’s word. Also to continue to be a woman of prayer.
2. That many small groups in BL communities will become passionate prayer warriors.
3. For wisdom as she will do most of the communication in email to all the short  and long term trip that will come this year.
4. Wisdom and strength for her and her team as they facilitate the 1st Art Camp in BL in May 4-6,2016. 
5. God’s provision for her financial needs in Laussane Young Leaders Gathering in August at Jakarta,Indonesia, to learn more about global mission and to start to build new networks.

Mimi Dungganon - Blessed to Bless

posted Feb 16, 2015, 12:55 PM by Dawn for Asia   [ updated Feb 16, 2015, 12:58 PM ]

To start our ministry this year, the BL staff gathered together for our annual staff orientation. Aside from the main purpose of renewing our commitment for the ministry, we had vision and mission refreshment and a theme setting.

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Mimi Dungganon - All Things New

posted Oct 15, 2014, 12:02 PM by Dawn for Asia   [ updated Oct 16, 2014, 1:29 PM ]


New parenthood brings joy and surprises, along with sleepless nights and change in life style. They said “when you start to have a kid life will change! But I think that it will not just change but will bring new things in life... read more below




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