Liza - Feb. 2016

posted Feb 15, 2016, 6:51 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. Thank God for the generosity of different people in helping the fire victims in Welfareville.
2. For the different BL Strategy like Livelihood, Health and Sponsorship program who always been an instrument in spreading God’s love and God’s word in different BL Communities.
3. For the simultaneous health seminars held in Pandacan and Welfareville. We praise the Lord for our two hard working nurses who have committed their time every month to go around in different communities, to teach different health topics that will help and empower local people to become good stewards of their physical body.
4. For strength that God has given to Liza every day to do the role of a parent, wife and servant of God.

Prayer Concerns:
1. Since this month is so called a “Love Month” pray for the 6 BL Communities to become effective in making this opportunity to share God’s love and God’s Word through fellowship that they will hold.
2. Pray for God’s provision for Welfareville Retreat this coming February 25. Also that the retreat will become a blessing of rest and refreshment for all the local adult and young leaders.
3. For God’s wisdom for Liza as CMM trainer, as she prepares all the bible study materials that is needed in different BL Communities. 
4. For strength and protection for Liza as she visits and encourages different house churches in different BL Communities.
5. For God’s provision for their house repair and daily provision of wisdom and strength for her four kids in school.