Jesusa - Jan. 2016

posted Feb 5, 2016, 8:53 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. For God’s provision for her wedding last January 8,2016. Thank God for all her friends who helped her and her husband to make it possible and memorable.
2. For the privilege to teach and serve the pre-school kids in Cogeo community.
3. For God’s provision in starting her new married life with her husband.

Prayer Concerns:
1. Wisdom and strength as she and her husband starts a family, in making the budget and decisions in life.
2. For commitment of the house church members that is gathering in their own house.
3. For the kids perseverance to finish their class til March,in spite of different family problems that the kids is facing.
4. God’s provision for committed pre-school assistant that is willing to help her every week especially every Tues so she can attend in the staff prayer meeting.
5. Wisdom in managing her time as pre-school teacher, community leader and wife.