Jesusa - Feb. 2016

posted Feb 15, 2016, 6:47 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. For God’s mighty work in the lives of each leader during their Cogeo Leaders’ Retreat last Feb.6-8. Also for God’s provision for the food and transportation that they need in during retreat.
2. For a fruitful lessons in the pre-school. The kids really enjoy the different activities designed each day. And also for God given opportunity to share God’s Word through Bible story-telling time.
3. For her husband, who is now very involved in the BL Cogeo Ministry. He was assigned to mentor a group of young men and was also happy to be part to Adult men’s ministry.

Prayer Concerns:
1. Pray for strength and perseverance of each local adult and young leaders to live and share the God-given vision in Cogeo Community.
2. Pray for a fruitful pre-school parent’s meeting that will be held this month, for wisdom to decide what is best for the pre-school moving up next month.
3. Pray for God’s provision of work for Jesusa’s husband and daily provision for their family.
4. Pray for wisdom for Jesusa and her husband, as they were invited to become speakers in the Cogeo Joint Fellowship on February 14.