Janice - Feb. 2016

posted Feb 15, 2016, 6:46 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. For the strength and wisdom that God gave her during evaluation of scholars last Saturday and Sunday
2. For God’s provision for always sustaining her daily needs. 
3. For the start of her training to the Trese youth leaders last Saturday on Biblical Foundation.
4. For protection and guidance on her weekly travel in Pandacan and Trese to bring allowance for the scholars.

Prayer Concerns:

• Please pray for protection and guidance for her everday travel.
• Please pray for her spiritual growth to have more deeper and intimate relationship with the Lord.
• Please pray that God continues to give her strength and wisdom to encourage the youth in Trese through teaching bible study every Friday night until Saturday morning.
• Please pray for her plan to start a bible study in college students at Pandacan at least twice a month. 
 •Pray for the salvation of her family and everyday protection and guidance to her mom who is living in Calapan, Mindoro  Island.

•Pray that God would give more sponsors to scholar who do not yet have a sponsor.
•Pray for wisdom and knowledge to all scholars to pass their tests this school year.
•Pray for all the Bible Study teacher in Trese Community to get more closer to God.
•Pray for upcoming fellowship of the youth on Feb 21 in Trese, that all the youth know and feel the true meaning of Love.