Geraldine - Jan. 2016

posted Feb 7, 2016, 10:06 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. For the opportunity to visit her family in Quezon province last month and used the opportunity to share God’s love to them.
2. For God’s goodness and faithfulness to Trese Ministry for the whole 2015.
3. For the commitment of local adult and youth leaders in Trese.
4. For the new open house for Bible Study in Phase 1 led by a local leader.
5. For God’s strength for her and Salve for teaching the kids through special class every weds-Friday.

Prayer Concerns:
1. For joy and strength to serve the Lord in Trese Community. Also for safety and protectionduring the long travel.
2. For the strength to my brother who became blind because of diabetes.
3. For spiritual growth and commitment of all adult and youth leaders.
4. For wisdom in planning for the Trese Ministry with the Trese team this January.
5. For the kids in special class that they continue to learn academically and also an opportunity to share God’s love to them and their families