Geraldine Vergara

: Geraldine Vergara
Ministry: Church Multiplication Movement Coordinator
Location: Trese Marteres, Cavite Community

Geraldine has 4 brothers and 3 sisters and she accepted Jesus Christ in 1986. She lives in Cogeo where she works among the poor as the preschool teacher in the Dawn for the Poor preschool there. She is also involved in the formation of the house churches in the Church Multiplication Movement. Geraldine says that, “This ministry is important to BL because as it help to move towards the vision of ‘Discipled Urban Poor Transforming Communities.’” She adds, “God gave me this ministry because this is really my heart desire and I am in BL because I want to serve Him in this way.” Geraldine will move to Trese Martires in May 2009 where she will start up a new BL preschool for the poorest children there.

Trece Area Report - June 2017

posted Jun 26, 2017, 2:04 AM by Bukang Liwayway

God’s preparation for the hearts of the people in Baranggay Cabucco as we open a new Sambahay there. Pray for Micha as she lead the ministry there. Pray for Spiritual growth of the new believers. Pray for the weekly Sunday Fellowship and Prayer Meeting to be an avenue to feed them and disciple them...Continue to read Geraldine's latest prayer letter.

Geraldine - April 2017

posted May 9, 2017, 9:03 PM by Bukang Liwayway

Dear my Prayer Partner, Thank you so much for continuing praying for me in my ministry in Trece. There are so much activity. last April, we have Baccalaureate last April 9 for appreciation to all the graduates of Scholars in Trece. 7 elementary and 5 high school were graduated. Last April 8 and 15, we had Parents Got Talent and thank God for the 10 parents who attended and thank God also for all the youth who handled this activity. After the sunrise service they presented what they have learned on the said activity...Continue to read Geraldine's latest prayer letter.

Geraldine - Mar. 2017

posted Apr 2, 2017, 12:07 PM by Bukang Liwayway

Dear Prayer Partner... Thank you so much for your continuous prayer for me. I thank God for my answered prayer about hearing aid, because I’ve been struggling regarding my hearing situation but now God provided what I need to have so please pray that I will use it in a long term... Continue to read Geraldine's latest prayer letter

Geraldine - Feb. 2016

posted Feb 15, 2016, 6:43 AM by Dawn for Asia

1. For the everyday joy to share the Gospel to different people in the community.
2. For God’s provision for her new cellphone after the old one got stolen.
3. For the committed and passionate local team in Trese Community.
4. For the new open Bible Study facilitated by a local leader.

Prayer Concerns:
1. For God’s provision for her hearing aid.
2. Pray for one family who are known as believers in the past but then suddenly encourage to attend in a cult gathering. Pray for God’s power to unleash the blindness in their hearts and to turn back again to faith in Jesus.
3. For continuous spiritual growth of all the adult and young leaders in Trese.
4. For wisdom for the team as they plan the couples fellowship this month of February.

Geraldine - Jan. 2016

posted Feb 7, 2016, 10:06 AM by Dawn for Asia

1. For the opportunity to visit her family in Quezon province last month and used the opportunity to share God’s love to them.
2. For God’s goodness and faithfulness to Trese Ministry for the whole 2015.
3. For the commitment of local adult and youth leaders in Trese.
4. For the new open house for Bible Study in Phase 1 led by a local leader.
5. For God’s strength for her and Salve for teaching the kids through special class every weds-Friday.

Prayer Concerns:
1. For joy and strength to serve the Lord in Trese Community. Also for safety and protectionduring the long travel.
2. For the strength to my brother who became blind because of diabetes.
3. For spiritual growth and commitment of all adult and youth leaders.
4. For wisdom in planning for the Trese Ministry with the Trese team this January.
5. For the kids in special class that they continue to learn academically and also an opportunity to share God’s love to them and their families

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