July 17, 2014

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In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. 
"John 16:33 - NIV

 “The Troubles of this World”
As we desire to advance His Kingdom, many troubles are present along the way, excluding the spiritual enemies, there are our personal sinful nature adds to that trouble. Broken relationships, different ideologies and values, personal challenges and agendas, and more can snatch us away from what we ought to do. Thank God for this Passage in John 16. The Lord encouraged me that indeed these will come and for sure His power manifested on the cross will able to help Bukang Liwayway to overcome these challenges and move on in spreading His Word. What a powerful God we have. The troubles of this world are nothing compare to the Power of the Cross. 

Relief Fund – In April, Pastor Marlon and Pastor Fred went to Tacloban and visited one of the most devastated communities by the Typhoon Hayian. Thank God for His protection and guidance throughout the trip. Tents nearby the sea, crushed houses, garbage dumped in the road side and traumatized yet hopeful people were what they found there. Please pray that more Christian Organizations will come and help rebuild the houses and lives of the people there. Pray for the Government that they will set aside politics and personal interests and begin the real rehabilitation. Pray how BL can help in their own small capacity in bringing Dawn to the poor of Leyte and Samar.

Marilao Ministry
– We are sad that Ptr. Norman has to stop serving with us, because of lack of financial support to hire a full time Pastor. But then we are Thankful that Pastor Fred and Mimi will spend their weekends with us and will start a regular worship service and training for us, that Lord willing to establish new leaders and teachers of the house churches. Pray for God’s blessing upon the regular gathering that we can encourage more believers to have thirsty for the word and burden for the work. Pray for Ms. Naneth as preschool already started this year, pray that she can find prayer partners to pray for her and her Ministry. She is also handling 3 Bible study groups and 1 house church. Pray for God’s wisdom as she teaches and for Christ’s enrichment in her marriage.

Calapan Ministry – Please pray for the transitions in Calapan. Sis Sonabel is taking her Sabbatical leave for a year and so pray for our need of a replacement for her. Pray for God’s provision, for rest and for learning throughout the year and that God will show her His direction for the next year. Pray for Shiela, the Youth Coordinator there, as she finishes her contract with BL and as she continues her study in a seminary. Hanna Figueroa, the daughter of Sis. Sonabel will be replacing Shiela. Pray that God will keep her vision of serving the poor in her heart that she will get passionate more and more as she will lead the youth ministry in Calapan. Pray for God’s provision for her as we see the need of a fulltime youth worker there because the ministry is growing. Shiela had done a great job in starting new bible study groups and in sharing the good news to many. Praise God for bro Lino and Loida in their rapid growing ministry in Ilaya. He said, “we think our time in Ilaya is coming to close, we are praying that we can move soon to another depress area to minister, among the poor living beside the river.” Please continue to pray for their needs as family, although both are working but because of her operation they left with loans. Pray for wisdom to manage their time with Family, Work and Ministry. 

Men’s Ministry – Pray for Art as he facilitates the planning of the men’s retreat this week with the Men’s Ministry Coordinators from different Communities. Continue to pray for God’s provision for this very important gathering among the Men. Continue to pray that he will identify more leaders in Welfareville that will lead more men to faith. Pray for unity among them and to stop jealousy. Pray for Calapan, as Bro. Rex lead the men’s ministry there, pray for God’s wisdom and that he will submit to the Lord all his plans and lead his family to grow in the Lord. Pray for Roger from Cogeo that he will continue to grow in the Lord and that he will lead the Cogeo men to faith. Pray for Pastor Dan as he follow up the men especially the trolley boys and that they will get attracted to the gospel. Pray for Marilao, as Pastor Fred and Art lead the ministry, also for spiritual growth for Joey, a young man who showed passion in teaching kids and a committed member of the men’s group.  

– Praise God that we can support 112 Elementary, 151 High school and 60 College students this year. Praise God that Juvel was added to our Sponsorship team, who is doing a good job in training the youth and in following them up in their schools. Please pray that we can find her a supporter and prayer partner that she can continue her ministry. Pray for the upcoming College Camp, Pastor Fred will be Directing the Camp, and pray that he can find a good program Director so they can start the planning soon. Pray how we can move forward for the possible ministry in Brookside Community, the meeting with the community leaders was cancelled last month.

House Churches – Continue to Pray for the CMM Coordinators, together with their families, their health, and provision for their needs. Pray for Liza as she plans to train the leaders in Trece and Welfareville this month. Pray for good dates where most of the leaders are available for the training. Pray for Fred and Mimi as they train the possible leaders in Marilao starting this Sunday, that these leaders will be obedient to His calling of service.

Preschool Ministry – Praise the Lord for the continuing support by JEC’s Men’s Fellowship for our school supplies. Thank God for the training conducted by Hans, our missionary from OMF, for our teachers. Praise God that currently we have 17 students enrolled at Cogeo, 22 at Marilao, 12 at Calapan and 16 at Trece, a total of 67. Sadly, we didn’t open classes in Welfareville due to lack of teacher and finances to support. Please pray that God will bring supporter for this vital Ministry among the poor. Praise the Lord that lots of our graduates are doing very well in their school, excelling among other elementary students; they are fruits and a joy to our ministry.

Livelihood – Praise the Lord for the continues orders of our products from Singapore, Germany, Holland and some individuals, enough to help a bit the scholarship program. Praise the Lord that the Dawn Cooperative is now on full swing. They are about to open the Cooperative store in Marilao, helping the Livelihood to be organized, and continues planning on how the communities will benefit. Pray for wisdom for Sis Nilda on how to maximize her time for livelihood and to learn to say no to other responsibilities that are not her priorities. Praise God that the deep well Water Project is continuing and now earning, providing water to the community and giving income to some families and individuals. 

Cogeo – The Lord poured out blessing to the people in Cogeo these past few months. They successfully held the feeding program for the 150 kids in their area with the help and support of Singaporean friends. The local volunteered teachers facilitated the simple program for the kids. They prayed, sung songs and told story from the Bible. We praise God for using the lives of our friends who helped and support the ministry financially. After that, the local leaders became busy in preparation for the upcoming daily vacation Bible School in one of their communities. That was held last May 19-23; the theme of the DVBS was “Daniel – The Ambassador of God”. There were almost 150 kids attended the DVBS and 30 volunteered teachers including the runners and cook. We praise God for the lives of the volunteers and we bring back all the glory to the Lord. Praise God that after the entire busy week of ministry they went for swimming to celebrate the faithfulness and goodness of the Lord for providing for all their needs.
Trece Marteres – Praise God for Timothy a young boy who is passionate to know the Lord and make his faith known to his friends and classmates. Pray for God’s protection for him and blessings for his studies. His father is also attending the fellowship and was before him but now it is him who is reminding his father to not forget attending the fellowship and house churches. Pray that God will bring more men like Timothy into leadership of Trece. Pray for Sis. Salve, she is in Bicol right now to attend to family matters, as her eldest brother passed away last week. Pray for God’s provision and comfort for the family.  Praise God for; 10 youth who commit to lead the bible study for elementary, for the new scholars who are excited to attend the bible study every Saturday, for having prayer meeting every Friday together with the youth leaders, for the parents who are willing to commit to lead the bible study, for the passion of the youth to serve the Lord. Please Pray; for all youth that they will grow in love with Christ and deeply in love to serve Him, Please do pray for the spiritual growth of parents in Trece, and for God’s provision for all the scholars in their study.

Pandacan – Praise God that the electrical connection of the community of Pandacan is now legalized. After praying to have a legal connection for many years, right now they have their own meters and are paying the right amount of consumption. Praise God for the healing of John john from kidney problem, thank God for His provision. Please pray; for the Bible Study 1 and 2 from Baranggay 836, were celebrating their anniversary in July 13. Pray as we find a right lot and provision for the building needs. Pray for a new Bible Study group to be open at Branggay 839 and continues growth of Sta. Mesa Bible study group. Praise God for the continues support of BBPC for their ministry and workers, pray that other communities will be adopted by other big churches as well.

Welfareville – Praise God, an answered prayer that all the youth volunteers who are out of school last year are now back to school, some became scholars of BL and some were supported by their parents. Continue to pray that they will excel in school together with their desire to make Jesus known. Pray for Sis. Liza as she gathers the leaders in Welfareville for training. Praise God for Bro. Hans together with Sis. Mimi for teaching the volunteer teachers of elementary scholars from all BL Communities, it was with overwhelming attendance and passionate teachers. Please pray for Missional Business Centre that they will able to train more business minded people in the community and also encourage the community to be good stewards in their businesses and in handling their finances. Pray for the twice a month Joint Fellowship of the house churches, that they will get encouraged and learn more about God’s Word. Pray for the music team, for commitment, for their time and talents (Jom, Jack, Danica, kuya Art, and Spencer). 
Health Ministry (TB Dots Program) – Praise God for two Serve Asia Workers from US, Michelle and Rose Marie, helping Sis Apol in the ministry. Pray for protection and fruitful ministry while they are here. Please uphold in your prayers the MDR patients for God’s intervention for healing from TB. Pray for continuous supply of TB medicines for children and adult. Praise God for the committed Community Health Volunteers (CHV); pray that the Lord will bless them in their service to the community. Pray for Sis Regina that she enjoys her time during her home assignment in Holland with Bro. Theo and for good rest for both of them. Praise God for all the physical and spiritual encouragement that Sis. Apol and her team received from the 2 Serve Asia Workers. Pray for more opportunities to share Christ. Pray for her and Sis. Annemarie during cough clinic the next 2 weeks as Dr.Cornelia is away. 

Youth Ministry – Praise God that Sis. Mimi is now back to work. She is overseeing the Youth and Sponsorship Ministries and back in leading Bible study and helping Pastor Fred in Marilao Community. Pray for strength and wisdom as she manages her time as full time minister and mommy to Alab. Pray for wisdom for College Camp Planning team as they meet together for College Camp in October. Pray for spiritual growth of all youth believers and leaders in different BL communities. Praise God for 180 people who keep on supporting the sponsorship program. Pray for 143 students who don’t have sponsors. 

BL Headquarters –  Praise the Lord for His provision for BL workers, although we are still deficit, but thank God for the people who still send money towards worker’s support. Continue to pray for the ongoing 2010 audit, and as we aim to finish all the backlogs and finish auditing from the year 2010 to present year until December. Pray for God’s protection and guidance for our workers who are facing different challenges and trials in Ministries and same in their families. Please pray for God’s wisdom for the BOARD of trustees as they decide towards many challenges of the Bukang Liwayway.

BL Workers – We are having many transitions this year but indeed Praise the Lord. Please pray for Sonabel as she take a year leave from work to give way for a rest, pray for God’s direction and guidance to her throughout the year. Julie Stopped teaching in Preschool Calapan this year and moved in Marilao with her husband to work in BL as the manager of Dawn Cooperative. Pray for God’s wisdom and direction for the Cooperative that more projects be lunched this year that will generate income for the coop members and will benefit the communities. Pray for a new preschool teacher in Calapan and a new CMM Coordinator. Pray for Fred and Mimi for God’s enabling as they lead the CMM Ministry in Marilao. Pray for Sis. Kate as she starts her college, same with Bro. James and Bro. Ambo. Continue to pray for God’s provision for them.

Mission Trip to Sorsogon – Praise the Lord for His overflowing provision for this mission trip and God’s wisdom in the leaders of this team. They able to budget well their seemingly under budget funds, indeed God multiplied it as we pray. They went home with excess money for next year’s possible mission trip. The Sorsogon Church is blessed and that more youth are now involving themselves in the ministry. Also there are some who came to faith during the camp. Pray for Sis Lou and Ptr. Neil that the Lord will continue to bless their Ministry there.
Personal prayers: We are so thankful to God for all His provision for our family. He provided wisdom and good health for Fred from sleepless nights finishing his semester and doing his responsibilities in BL. Now he only have 9 units left this school year to finish his Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies. He provided finances, strength and a lot of moral support for Mimi after delivering Alab and nurturing him for the 1st two crucial months. Thank you very much for all your prayers for us. Continue to uphold us in your prayers: For good health and good development of Alab. For Mimi’s Ministry in overseeing the Youth and as she mentor Juvel for the transition. For wisdom for Fred’s studies and as he direct the whole ministry of Bukang Liwayway and entrust to the Lord the many challenges of the Ministry from finances, leadership, new projects and plans for this year. For wisdom and love as we parent Alab, that we may glorify God in racing him. Pray for Fred’s step sister, Carmen, as she help us 4 days a week to baby sit our son, so Mimi can focus to work. Also that she will receive the Gospel as Fred and Mimi share their testimony and faith to her. Fred is now accepting more Magic shows to cover up our additional expenses, praise God for all His provision.  
Thank you very much for all your love and prayers for us and for the Filipino poor. 
Only Because of Jesus,
Frederick Dungganon 

Dawn for Asia,
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