Bernadette Clanza

Name: Bernadette Clanza
Location: Calapan
Ministry: Preschool Teacher


The Lord has showed me many wonderful creations He has made. I didn’t realize that my two
eyes would ever be able to see such great creation of His. I thank the Lord for He has brought me 
to these places which brought so much fun and joy in me during the last BL staff retreat in Bohol 
and Leyte.
 Read and Pray


My name is Bernadette Clanza. I grew up believing and having faith in the Catholic Church. As a catholic, I always went to church, to listen to the gospel and pray.

But, one time several years ago, one of my friends invited me to a bible study that was held in our barangay. I immediately went and joined them because in addition to this bible study they were having snacks, so this is one of the reasons that I wanted to join this bible study. I had wrong motives, because i wanted to go to this bible study only for the snack. I never thought that i would learn little by little from the Word of God, to enlighten me about the truth and encourage me to have faith in Christ.

In the year 2004, I became part of the Program of Bukang Liwayway, and then I became one of their scholars. Every summer had youth camp. April 24 during the youth camp I accepted and put my faith in Jesus as my personal savior. More especially I learned how to pray and give thanks to the Lord for every blessing that he has given me. I am very happy and glad because I know that it isn't an accident that I have become one of His children.