Arthuro - Jan. 2016

posted Feb 5, 2016, 6:26 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. For God’s work for the BL building documents that went smoothly.
2. For God’s wisdom in helping Art to handle and repair things in different BL building communities.
3. For good health and strength in everyday work in BL office and other building repairs.
4. For God’s work in Men’s Ministry in Welfareville and Cogeo. For the Men in Welfareville who already expressed intrest to be baptize in February.

Prayer Concerns:
1. Wisdom in detailed things that needs repair in their own house in Welfareville. Also God’s financial provision for the house repair.
2. Daily strength and protection for weekly travel in different BL communities to clean and check the buildings.
3. For deeper relationship with God and commitment in studying His words and prayer.
4. For opportunity to visit and encourage the men in Trese community.
5. Courageous hearts for all the men in the ministry especially in Cogeo and Welfareville to share their faith to other men who don’t know yet the Lord and His words.