Marifol - Feb. 2016

posted Feb 15, 2016, 6:40 AM by Dawn for Asia
1. Praise God for the Health Seminar about Family Planning held in Welfareville and Pandacan last February 7.
2. Praise God for his provision of health, wisdom and strength and home needs this past week.
3. Praise God that I can always depend and rely on Him. His love never fails. (People may fail you or disappoint you but not God.)

Prayer Concerns:
1. Continually pray for the parents in the community that they would be able to raise their children in Godly ways and that they'll be a good example for their children.
2. Pray for the youth and other people who misuse God's gift of intimacy,  that should only for married couples.
3. Pray for the 7 month old baby of pregnant patient who is under TB Treatment. Pray for their health and its growth inside her womb.
4. Pray for a fruitful meeting on Thursday with the CMM Coordinator and 3 Community Health Volunteers who lead in the bible study for patients. May our Lord continue to bless them and use them to reach more patients and through them be healed spiritually.
5. Pray that Apple would be able to do her work effectively and productively.
6. May the Lord rekindle Jayar's passion for music and that He will be confident enough to share his gifts and talents for God's glory.