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Statement of Purpose - English

BL Dawn for the Poor Inc.

  1. To give glory to God by proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ among the unreached, especially the marginalized poor, the underserved sectors, and at-risk youth.
  2. To work alongside the marginalized poor, underserved sectors, the suffering, and at-risk youth in providing education, experiences and opportunities that facilitate the full realization of their God given potential.
  3. To encourage committed involvement and provide opportunities for Christian ministry in wholistic church multiplication to lay people who are competent practitioners of their own professions.
  4. To engage in programs, projects and activities that facilitate a wholistic church multiplication movement among the said poor, underserved, suffering and at- risk youth so that all of these bring positive transformation and renewal to individuals, families, communities and all of society.
  5. To advocate and promote the welfare of poor Christian workers, including Pastors, active missionaries, ministry servants and volunteer workers who are all servants in spreading the Light of the Gospel and advancing the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ.